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Legendary Russian rifle AK-47 can be upgraded with huge selection of accessories. All russian ak parts not always can buy in Europe but there is many European manufacturers like HERA Arms who has very good ak accessories for sale. Also lets dont forget about americans like Magpul or tapco ak furniture. In United states can find a lot of interesting parts for ak 47 and akm. Mostly if ak owner wants to upgrade his rifle look first need to buy ak buttstock and ak handguard rail. These two accessories make changes to AK rifle. Later can be upgraded ak or akm magazine with ak scope mount and rail cover. Same as typical AK possible to find some accessories for ak47u but always need double check will they fit ak47u or not.

Wenn Sie die Standardversion ak 47 verwenden, müssen Sie die taktischen Fähigkeiten dieser Waffe verbessern. Wenn Sie Teile wie den Schaft für AK 47 oder das Magazin aufrüsten, sollten Sie lieber die amerikanische Produktion kaufen

Ameerika tootja Magpulil on head AK-i omanikud. Üks sellest on hästi tuntud Magpul Zhukovi varu ja käsipuu. Laos on Yugo ja vene valik ning käekaitse võib erineda. Need kaks magpul toodet AK47 ja AK74 jaoks on kõige populaarsemad, aga ka Magpul, mis pakuvad ajakirju ja muid tarvikuid. Nii näeme, mida AK-i omanikud saavad selle legendaarse vintsi uuendada AK-i kestva Magpul taktikalisega. Kõik AK Europe Outdoor osad pakuvad Euroopas laskuritele, kes soovivad oma püssi veelgi ilusamaks muuta.