Choate Stocks for H&R

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If you want to make your firearm better – you can replace your old H&R stock. A really good stock improves comfort and your control over the weapon. In this section of the store you can find a great collection of H&R stocks and forends. All of them are manufactured of the best materials available. H&R replacement stocks feature lightweight ergonomic design. Made from reinforced polymer, they will last a lifetime. NEF stock with shell holders will be a great choice for every shotgun owner. For example, replacement stock for H&R single shot holds three shells of ammo. Here you’ll easily pick the best model of your new H and R pardner pump tactical stock. Europe Outdoor has selected the best models to make your choice easier. Great collection of Choate H&R 20 gauge single shot and other stocks is up to sale. The lowest prices on the European weapon market are guaranteed.