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Shotgun wich people using in many countries worldwide Rem 870 famouse for good quality and good shooting results. Many police enforcement using Remington 870 as tactical shotgun and people using for home defense as well.
Remington 870 accessories produced by many different companies in United states and other. Magpul SGA stock with handguard one of the most famouse upgrade for rem 870. Same as Fab defense all copanies who making stocks for shotguns usually have some options and for r870. Actuaaly Rem870 can be used for sport shooters and shotgun can be updated with rem 870 magazine extension for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 shots. These mag extensions for Remington making American company Choate. Each extension inludes spring and shell follower.
Basically, tactical accessories for rem 870 is not a problem to buy in Europe. Tactical folding stock or magazine extension offering on e-commerce market.