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Saiga it is amazing shotgun which based on ak family guns. Mostly Saiga shotgun can be in 12 gauge, 20 gauge and 410 gauge. For this shoutgun the best look is with tactical accessories and for saiga can find many of them. From that what listed in our store first take a look on DLG products, there is for Saiga grip and buttstock. Need to focus one one main product which is saiga 410 stock, because its very reliable and great quality. DLG Tactical saiga 410 stock fits perfectly this rifle and can convert hanting saiga to tactical rifle with grip. Actually this grip goes as adaptor to put on it stock or comm tube and after any other stock. Folding adaptor can be added as well. So in the end we get tactical Saiga with folding stock and ergonomic pistol grip. Except stock for saiga also fits good quadrail or forend. This saiga handguard conversion useful because can put additional accessories on front. Generally all saiga 12 accessories which we offer are very solid and good quality products

Such a Saiga grip adaptor fits only hunting version of shotgun but anyway DLG tactical products has saiga ak furniture which should fit this ak family shotgun. Just to make clear hunting version on which will fit adaptor with folding stock for Saiga 12 and Saiga 410 gauge. Also should fit on 20 gauge saiga shotgun.