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  • DLG Tactical

    DLG Tactical is manufacturer of gun furniture from Turkey. DLG has modular system of stocks for Turkish shotguns and Baikal shotguns. Also DLG makes grips and stocks for Mossberg, Remington and Saiga.
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  • Defenceport

    Defenceport has magazines for Turkish shotguns like Typhoon F12 or X12, Rock Island VR-80 and similar. Magazines can be in deferent color, also Drum magazine in 12 gauge is available and work great with AR-12 shotguns.
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  • Ascalon Arms

    Ascalon arms are professional manufacturer of CZ Scorpion Evo 3 parts from Czech Republic. Mostly all parts improve usability of Evo 3 and very needed for sport shooting. Ascalon manufacture trigger upgrade kit, charging handles and other spare parts for CZ.
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  • ATI

    ATI is American manufacturer of gun stocks with ergonomical design. ATI has stocks for SKS, most popular shotguns and rifles like AR-15 or AK. ATI T3 stock comes with different adaptors for many type of shotgun. Also AR grips have very useful rubbered spacers which call Scorpion Recoil system.
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  • Hatsan

    Very solid and reasonably priced shotguns. Turkish company Hatsan manufacturing Escort shotguns and we sell spare parts to upgrade or to replace it. Hatsan Escort shotgun 12 gauge is very popular in Europe and in the USA.
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  • Czech Small Arms

    Czech small arms is manufacturer of well known in Europe and in the US VZ 58 rifle. Our company glad to offer our buyers Spare parts for VZ-58 and VZ-61. Mostly all parts which we sell needed to replace those parts which been used for a long time.
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  • Hera Arms

    HERA Arms from Germany and they make really beautiful parts from AR 15, AR 10 rifles. Their AR CQR stock and grip have very futuristic look and can be good option for custom AR rifle. Also HERA has parts for Rem 700, Ruger 10/22 and handgun convertion kits.
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  • Choate

    Choate is manufacturer of gun stocks, handguards and magazine extensions. They have replacement parts for many shotgun and rifles. Also Choate has gun stocks for many rare guns and no own makes any replacement parts for it except Choate.
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