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American AR platform rifles have wide options to upgrade with different ar 15 and ar 10 parts and accessories. Giant manufacturers like Magpul or Daniel Defense making very unic tactical parts for AR 15 rifles which are in very good demend in Europe. Basically all ar platform parts mostly made in USA but there is some European manufacturers like HERA ARMS who did kind of different featureless ar stock and forends.
As we know ar 10 and ar 15 are tactical rifles so first of all nees to upgrade usability and buy adjustable ar stock and ar forend. Also its always not enough of magazines for ar and need always to have extra ar10 magazine.

But lets don’t mess all parts in one rewiev and check all step by step. So if we start with ar buttstock lets check who making the best for ar platform rifles. As was mantioned above Magpul and HERA arms ar buttstock which look very good and its good to use. Same can be used for ar 10 adjustable stock.