Choate Stocks for Ithaca

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Ithaca model 37 replacement stock will give you improved balance, accuracy and versatility. Take a look at our selection of Choate stocks and other parts for Ithaca guns. You can purchase necessary gun parts separately or pick a set of Ithaca model 37 stock and forend. Here you’ll find any replacement part you need. Choate forends and stocks are made to last a lifetime. All Ithaca model 37 parts are manufactured from extremely durable reinforced polymers. They can withstand any weather condition. If you look for a really reliable Ithaca 37 stock – Choate products are just what you need. Here you’ll find stocks and other parts that will fit shotguns Ithaca 20 gauge and other models.
Gun parts manufacturers making a lot different accessories for shotgun but mostly for those shotguns which are nowdays most popular between shooters. But many years ago have been popular totaly different shotguns and now these guns need upgrade. Very good example is Ithaca 37. This shotgun made in USA many years ago not far from New York, but was sold to many countries, also in Europe there are many Ithaca 37 owners. Exactly Ithaca 37 parts find very difficult, but possiblr to buy replacement stock or grip for Ithaca 37. Of course stocks for Ithaca made in USA becasue in Europe I have doubght what someone will make. But Choate company in USA created stock for Ithaca and not only one, there are diffrent options for Ithaca owners.

Kaltaiselle aseelle on hiukan vaikeampi noutaa ithaca 37 tukit ja perät, koska nämä lisävarusteet eivät ole aina myynnissä. Voit ostaa takapuolen Haulikon osat ithaca Euroopassa, vaikka ne kaikki on valmistettu Yhdysvalloissa. Halpaa, voit valita polymeerivarastosta, teleskooppiperät ithaca, kiinteät perät ithaca.