Choate Stocks for Mossberg

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New replacement stock for Mossberg or Maverick 88 will help you enhance your shotgun accuracy and comfort. To make your choice easier, Europe Outdoor presents an ultimate collection of Choate 590a1 accessories and other parts for shotguns. Here you’ll find everything you need from Moss or Maverick 88 stock to other parts and accessories. All M500 tactical parts are manufactured from reinforced plastic and polymer. Moss 500 tactical stock features extremely durable design. Such a Mossberg or Maverick 88 tactical stock can last a lifetime! Stylish and ergonomic design makes these parts perfect for any shotgun owner. You can buy Maverick 88 forend separately or choose a pre-assembled set of a forend and a stock. Great quality is guaranteed. Product line of the manufacturer includes Maverick 88, Moss 500, 590 accessories. Most precise, cheap and durable Moss 500 tactical accessories are up to sale. The best prices for Mossy 500 parts only in our store.

Mossberg-ampuma-ase voi olla erittäin taktinen tukit ja perät. Tällaisia Choate-varastot voivat olla TELESKOOPPIPERÄT sammal 590 ja kiinteät perät sammal