Choate Stocks for Remington

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Begin upgrading your shotgun or rifle with a stock for Remington. When it comes to your comfort on the shooting range, a good stock is one of the most important weapon parts. Depending on shooter’s height, you can choose a full-size 870 adjustable stock or a youth stock with a shortened length. The best Rem 870 upgrades are represented in this section of the website. Some of the stocks have adjustable length of pull. Choate offers great quality R 870 tactical stocks which have one or two spacers included. If you need more spacers you can buy them separately. Choate product line includes pre-assembled kits of a 870 tactical forend and stock. There are a lot of pros in purchasing a set of a stock and forend for Rem 870 mods. First of all, these Rem 870 tactical accessories will match one another perfectly. Choate products are available in different colors – black, orange and OD green. So, you can pick 870 tactical parts in your favorite color. Choate 870 tactical stock and forend is a great option if you want to upgrade your Rem. All the stocks are made of the best available materials – reinforced polymer or polyproplylene. Your new 870 camo stock and forend will last a lifetime. Most models have sling studs for attaching a sling. In this section of the web store you’ll easily find stocks 870 20 gauge and other Rem accessories.

Remington est depuis de nombreuses années le leader des fabricants de fusils de chasse. Beaucoup de chasseurs et de tireurs ont 870 rem et seraient heureux de l’améliorer. Une des parties de remington est . Il est très important d’avoir une bonne extrémité sur le rem 870 qui convient bien à la main du tireur. Une telle extrémité pour remington 870 peut provenir des outils de pistolet Magpul ou Choate Machin. La deuxième est de bon prix et de bonne qualité. Choate conserve un style plus classique pour Longuesses for 870, mais je dirais que magpul est plus innovant. Mais magpul ne dispose que d’un seul type de connecteur pour Longuesses le rem 870 qui peut être utilisé avec ou sans support pivotant.