Flambeau Decoys

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Make your hunt easier with Flambeau hunting decoys! It’s the best way to attract animals or birds to a hunting area. Instinctively, they will consider an area safe if there are other animals or birds. Flambeau duck decoys serve the purpose quite well. Detailed paint scheme and special paint technology allows the manufacturer to create the most realistic decoys on the market. Flambeau duck and goose decoys for sale are anatomically correct. They provide durability and unsurpassed realism. With feathers that naturally reflect UV, these life-like mallard decoys will attract even most cautious birds. You can choose a set which includes active, feeding or resting drakes and hens to achieve even more realistic picture.

These duck decoys are made from durable polymer. Use them season after season. Waterfowl hunting will be even more exciting with floating goose decoys. For predator hunt you’ll need an artificial coyote. Europe Outdoor offers the best collection of decoys from turkey decoys to deer, predators and waterfowls decoys. Enjoy ultra-realistic designs by Flambeau masters! In this section of the website you’ll find a wide range of life-like decoys: ducks, deers, coyotes, owls, and goose decoys for sale.