Hogue AR-15 M-16 Stocks and Handguards

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Upgrade your AR-15 with Hogue AR stock and handguard and enjoy enhanced perfomance and accuracy of your firearm. The manufacturer makes the stocks out of reinforced fiberglass polymer and rubberizes them with a very soft, yet wear-resistent rubber. This makes Hogue buttstock for AR 15 very reliable. Patented process of overmolding provides a permanent bond between polymer base and rubber layer. The result: an extremely precise and durable Hogue AR-15 stock. A high-quality stock means a lot, but other parts such as handguards and grips are equally important. You will achieve better accuracy with a proper handguard and Hogue overmolded AR grip.

Europe Outdoors offers the utmost collection of AR parts by Hogue. In this section of the website we’ve selected grips, handguards, kits which includes Hogue overmolded collapsible stock and grip, and other necessary parts. Prices for Hogue products are more than affordable. Here you also can find a Hogue AR grip which will provide a perfect fit. If you want to buy a grip and a buttstock, there’s a point to take look at kits. Rubber AR grip and stocks available in different colors. Both parts perfectly fit each other. Buying Hogue AR kit is a cheap and simple way to make your gun better.