Hogue Stocks for Mauser 98

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Looking for a way to enhance your Mauser 98 accuracy and comfort? Take a look at Hogue stock for Mauser 98. The American manufacturer produces very useful stuff for different gun models. Mauser 98 stock manufactured by Hogue – it’s a mix of a wear-resistant soft rubber and extremely durable polymer. If you want to buy Mauser 98 stock which will serve you for years, there’s no better option than the models, represented in this section of the web store. Hogue is a famous brand which produces great quality products for firearms. If you want to have a really precise durable and cheap stock for Mauser – upgrade your gun with one of the Hogue stocks. Patented overmolding technology makes them very handy and wear-resistant. Here you’ll find a great Mauser 98 stock for sale.