Magpul Slings and Adapters

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If you want to enjoy your time at the shooting range to the full, use a multi mission sling system for weapon carry. Here you will find different models of multi mission sling models by Magpul. MS4 dual QD sling Gen 2 allows a 2 to 1-point configuration. You can choose a position you like more or change them depending on situation. If you are looking for a new MS3 Gen 2 sling you’ll easily find the best offers in our web-store. Online shopping has a lot of advantages. You can read MS4 sling review before purchasing.

You also can take a look at comparison of MS3 vs MS4 sling. More information will let you make the right choice. MS 4 sling by Magpul is made from best materials available and will last for a very long time. Here you can pick a 2 point QD sling for most popular firearms such as AR-15 or AK-47. With one of the MS4 Gen 2 you’ll easily attach a sling for comfortable weapon carry. QD one point sling allows you to have your hands free when you don’t use your weapon. All represented models available in different colors – black, olive drab green, and flat dark earth. So you can choose a MS4 dual QD or another sling which will match your weapon the best. Here you’ll find Magpul sling systems at the best price.