Magpul Stocks

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All Magpul stocks are very convenient to use during the shooting. Tactical rifles always have a foldable option like for example magpul ak zhukov stock. In this stocks all mechanisms are working great for many years. Actually magpil stocks can be not only for tactical rifles. Nowedays Magpul offers good selection of stocks for long range rifles. But same as privious magpul stocks these are have a lot of good futures for using. If shooter outside from USA buy magpul stock can be a little complecated, first of all not many stores offering it and if offer usually need to wait it.
Anyway, magpul stock is well known quality, good price and easy to use. Becasue of that magpul became one of leader in mabufacturing stocks for different type of guns. And Magpul company never stop to bring new ideas and products for shooters worldwide.