MDT for Howa

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If you’re looking for a great quality Howa 1500 stock, chassis base, or another part, take a look at our selection of MDT products for Howa. These products have come through vigorous tests to prove their quality and extreme durability. MDT Howa 1500 chassis system is crafted from 6061 aluminum with Cerakote finish in Black and Flat Dark Earth. Left-handed models are available in Black only.

Choosing Howa chassis stock and other parts, ensure that they’ll fit the chassis base. There are six MDT chassis systems: ESS, LSS, LSS-XL GEN 2, LSS-22, HS-3, and TAC21. If you’re looking for a really lightweight buttstock with a user-friendly design, MDT stock for Howa is just what you need. You’ll love its adjustability and stylish skeletonized design. Europe Outdoor’s MDT selection includes everything to complete MDT chassis system: bases, MDT Howa stock, magazines, and other necessary parts and accessories for Howa.