Ncstar Slings

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Are you looking for a sling for your firearm? Check out this selection of NcStar slings with a lot of unique features. If you have your original AK sling worn-out or missed, you’ll love a replica NcStar AK sling. It comes in green and black colors to match your gun. All the slings are made from extremely durable materials and feature great-quality metal hardware.
Prices for VISM SKS sling and other slings by this manufacturer are more affordable than ever. If you want to find a sling that allows carrying shot shells, pick a bandolier sling for shotguns. This item has up to fifteen elastic loops to hold your shot shells. Don’t forget that your firearm can bounce when it’s not shouldered, NcStar bungee sling will easily solve this problem. Heavy duty bungee cord will absorb the shock of your gun bouncing. Most of the slings have quick connect buckles, so shooters can quickly connect the sling to the firearm and detach it.

Don’t miss the chance to buy your new NcStar AR sling. They are fully adjustable for length and available in different colors. There’s a point to pick a sling with two connecting points. You can use it as both AR single point sling and 2 point sling. Just reattach one end of spring clip to either D-ring.