Choate 18-03-02 SKS Dragunov Polymer Stock Black


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SKS Dragunov Polymer Stock Black
Item number CMT-18-03-02
Made in USA

Best review:

Dear Europe Outdoor representative,

First, big thanks for a fast and easy shipment of item. Also wish you a very happy New Year holiday in such non-usual isolation times.

Actually I have fit the new stock only now, due hard remote work before holidays, and Covid lock-down.

I know many people don’t like new synthetic stocks, due “non-original” view of guns, but in my case I have found three reasons for stock change –

1. I like pistol grips (for me it is much easier to handle and control the gun with a pistol grip, than ordinary).

2. I have long hands, and original stock is too short for me.

3. Due optic scope, the sighting line was lifted up, and problems with aiming occurred.

As for internet reviews Choate stock was highly recommended, so there was no choice.

Installation is very simple and I have not use any instruction, but attached information is very clear and informative. Due to the slightly different size of SKS’s produced in different countries there is additional shim for installation (in my case it was installed).

There were two issues during installation, but both of them are problems of my SKS, not the new stock.

First – fixation pin on the gas tube (need to be removed to change the wood handguard) was pressed in too hard, and it was impossible to remove without drilling out from the gas tube. For luck a new one was attached to Choate set.

Second – I have a custom scope mount, and the stock needs to be cut similar to the old one. I made it with ordinary Dremel in ~30 minutes. Interesting moment – seems the plastic of the stock is reinforced with some fiberglass- or something similar.

After installation, I was really impressed how easily I can aim and control the gun. For this moment I haven’t tried to shoot for paper, so I cannot say will I made some bedding, or not.

As a verdict, I am really like the quality and ergonomics of this stock, and for sure can recommend it.