Ncstar Rifle Cases

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Gun cases by NcStar give a shooter a great solution to organizing his firearm and shooting gear, storing it at home, and carrying it to the gun range. NcStar tactical rifle case will protect the gun from damage and scratching. Made from waterproof and chemical resistant PVC, these cases feature extreme durability. You’ll easily find a VISM gun case that will fit your firearm. There are several size options to fit any shotgun or rifle. Different colors are available. Each NcStar gun case has inner foam padding to protect your valuables from any damage. Multiple compartments, pockets, and pouches allow you to have all your shooting accessories at hand. We offer the lowest prices on the market, so hurry up and buy your new VISM bag AR 15. If you’re looking for a truly multifunctional rifle bag try NcStar shooting mat gun case. Use it for transporting your gun to the range where you can easily transform it into a comfortable mat. For owners of folding guns such as AR, AK pistols and subguns VISM case for AK is the best solution. If you own more than one firearm, you don’t need to buy several cases. In our selection you’ll find VISM rifle case, bags, and backpacks that can hold two or even more guns.