DLG Tactical Stock for Hatsan Escort ATA Arms Etro ET-11 Sampiyon 12ga Armsan Kral

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DLG Tactical adjustable Stock for Hatsan Escort and other Turkish shotguns

This kit has new Gen grip with storage and upgraded design

Can Fit almost all 12 gauge shotguns
Fits Hatsan Escort, Armsan P612, Kral Arms Queen and Tactical, Typhoon Silah, Sampiyon 12ga, ATA Arms Etro ET-11 and ET-12 and many other

On some models can be gap between trigger guard and grip (Hatsan Escort extreme)

Item number DLG-132-081

Made in Turkey

10 reviews for DLG Tactical Stock for Hatsan Escort ATA Arms Etro ET-11 Sampiyon 12ga Armsan Kral

  1. Sergiejczyk (verified owner)

    very good product, usable on a shotgun NS Guns p09 without problem.

  2. majorhawkm (verified owner)

    Fits my Escort Slugger perfectly. Had to add the 5 mm shim that came with the shotgun for a perfect fit. Awesome product and would recommend it.

  3. Stacy Miller (verified owner)

    Fits my FX 4 semi automatic shotgun perfectly.. Fast and great delivery.

  4. Jason Miller

    You don’t have question section, will this product fir on the Sampiyon MFPA shotgun?

    • admin

      Good day
      Yes, it should fit

  5. J

    Will this fit an Akkar Churchill tactical? Is it telescopic? Thanks

    • admin

      Good day
      Yes, will fit

  6. Russell

    Can I have this shipped to uk

    • admin

      Yes, you can

  7. Buki

    Will it fit a Khan Venator X ?

    • admin

      Should fit

  8. Buki

    Will it work with Khan venator ?

    • admin

      Should work

  9. Dawn (verified owner)

    Nice stock, usable on Turkish/French brand Manuchasse.

  10. Mike (verified owner)

    Will this fit on a Stoeger M3000?

    • admin

      Hello Mike

      Unfortunately it will not fit without minor modification. Also Stoeger M3000 has different mount bolt

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