Hogue Handall Full Size Grip Sleeve Black 17000


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Hogue Handall Full Size Grip Sleeve

Made from a durable synthetic rubber.

*Some models (*) may require trimming

**Do not use firearms with grip safeties (Colt .45 style pistols or Para Ordnance frames).

Designed to fit:

Astra (A-100, Constable II*)
Beretta (PX 4 Storm Full, PX4 Storm Inox, PX4 Storm Compact & Subcompact*)
Browning (Buckmark, Challenger II, BDA*)
Colt (Double Eagle)
Daewoo (DP51)
FNH (FiveSeven, FNS-40C*, FNP-9, FNP-40, FNP-45)
Glock (17, 17L, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26*, 27*, 28*, 29*, 30*, 31, 32, 33*, 34, 35, 37, 38, 39*, 40, 41)
H&K (VP 70-Z, HK 45, HK 45 Tactical, HK 45 Compact, HK 45 Compact Tactical, Mark 23, P2000, USP, USP Compact*, USP Tactical)
Intratec (TECDC9, TEC22)
KBI (BK, Compact GKK-92C)
Kel-tec (PLR-16, PLR-22, PMR-30, Sub-2000)
Magnum Research (Baby Desert Eagle II Polymer Pistols, Baby Desert Eagle II Steel Pistols, Makarov)
Ruger (P85, P89, P90, P91, P93, P94, P95, P97, P345)
S&W (M&P 45, M&P 9C*, M&P 40C*, M&P45C*, Sigma 9mm, Sigma 40, SD9, SD40, SD9 VE, SD40 VE)
Sarsilmaz (136, ST10, K2-45)
Sig Sauer (P220, P225, P226, Mosquito, P227, MK25, P210, SP 2340*)
Steyr (GB)
Taurus (24/7(and G2 Variant) Full Size, 24/7 C*, 809C*, 840C*, 809, 840, 845, PT945)
Walther (P38, P88, P1)
Zastava (99)

Manufacturer: Hogue (USA)

SKU: 17000

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Black, OD Green, Flat Dark Earth, Aqua, Purple, Pink


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