Hogue SIG Sauer P226 Wooden Grip 26210-26910




Hogue SIG Sauer P226 Wooden Grip

Designed to fit SIG Sauer P226. Provides a secure grip. Dramatically improves your accuracy and speed. Made from a high-quality wood.

Available wood types:
SIG Sauer P226 Goncalo Grip – 26210
SIG Sauer P226 Pau Ferro Grip – 26310
SIG Sauer P226 Kingwood Grip – 26610
SIG Sauer P226 Tulipwood Grip – 26710
SIG Sauer P226 Coco Bolo Grip – 26810
SIG Sauer P226 Rosewood Grip – 26910

Manufacturer: Hogue (USA)

SKU: 26210-26910

Additional information

Wood Type

Goncalo, Pau Ferro, Kingwood, Tulipwood, Coco Bolo, Rosewood


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