REAL AVID Master Cleaning Station AR15 AVMCS-AR


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REAL AVID Master Cleaning Station AR15

Item number AVMCS-AR

  • Multi-function t-handle
  • Star chamber brush
  • .223 / 5.56mm bore brush
  • 3-in-1 bore illuminator, doubles as pin punch & safety flag
  • Slotted bore patch tip
  • Smart brushes – designed just for guns
  • Ultra-short nylon bristles provide superior carbon removal
  • Specially designed head shapes
  • Carbon scraping tips
  • Accu-grip detailing picks & brushes
  • Nylon brush
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Angled phosphor bronze brush
  • Straight pick
  • Angled pick
  • 3 premium brass rods
  • 50 cleaning patches
  • Star chamber cleaning pad tip
  • 6 felt star chamber cleaning pads


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