Hogue HandAll Tactical Grip Sleeve Small Black 17110


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Hogue HandAll Tactical Grip Sleeve Small Black

Made from a durable synthetic rubber.

Designed to fit smaller or compact firearms that have a grip frame with a straight or mostly-straight back strap. Some models (*) may require trimming.

AMT (Baby Automag)
AR-15 (No Finger Groove Grips)
Beretta (84FS Cheetah*, 85FS Cheetah*, Model 86, Model 87, U22 Neos, Neos Inox)
Bersa (Thunder 380 Plus, 85*)
Chiappa (Rhino)
Colt (Targetsman, Challenger, Match Target, Woodsman)
H&K (MP5, G36, UMP, USC )
Kahr (TP45, CT45, CW45, TP40, CT40, CW40, T40, K40, TP9, P9, CT9, CW9, T9, K9, CT380)
Ruger (22/45 all models, All MK I, II, III)
Sig Sauer (230/232*)
Steyr (S9*, S40*, S-A1*)
Taser (M26)
Taurus (PT58)
Walther (P22*)

Color: Black

Manufacturer: Hogue (USA)

SKU: 17110