Replacement Stock for H&K MP5 93 and 94


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Replacement Stock adjustable by length


H&K 93/94

Stock has QD spots

Manufacturer DLG Tactical (Turkey) with Choate (USA) housing adapter

1 review for Replacement Stock for H&K MP5 93 and 94

  1. Robert

    Evaluation on the MP5 adapter and stock on my MKE T94 MP5 as promised :

    interior / exterior / mounting / use :
    -the polymer end cap has a good finish and feels very solid
    -the interior dimensions of the endcap looks the same like the connection in my standard A2 stock
    -ofcourse first time fit is very tight (which is good) but that will loosen up a bit when doing maintenance like my my A2 stock
    -the retaining pin has to be tapped through the hole first time but that will also loosen up too with maintenance
    -the rubber buffer (which is not standard in my A2 stock) makes my MKE shoot even softer. This is very good
    Never had this experience since the A2 stock doesnot have this (metal backplate)
    -the Choate metal adapter is very well mounted on the end cap with no wobble and has a good finish coating
    -the AR tube fits excellent and all my other AR tubes fit without any problem
    -the DLG stock looks as though as my Magpul or MFT stocks. This is good
    -I testfired on the range but no issues appeared with the stock with rubber buffer or the MP5 (no FTF, FTE, no cycling issues or whatsoever)
    -next day during the 8 stages IPSC PCC match I pushed real hard but no issues appeared during or after the match so the buffer works excellent
    -the variable LOP now is finally really to my liking and I can use any LOP on demand which was a major downside of the standard A2 stock (too long)
    -now I also have a much better line of sight with my optics because the tube rides higher whereas the A2 stock is lower so cheek weld was somewhat cumbersome
    -I can finally shoulder / carry the gun close to the body like my AR10
    -any sling attachement can be used now instead of using a selfmade velcro sling on the A2 stock
    -excellent price / quality ratio

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